Smashbox Cosmetics Releases The Perfect Red Lipstick For Black Women

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National Lipstick Day is officially one day away (July 29th) and Smashbox Cosmetics just announced the release of an addition to their “Be Legendary” Lipstick line. There are many elements that make finding the perfect lipstick not so easy and it can be even more challenging to find the perfect red lipstick, but thankfully Smashbox has done the work to carefully develop the formula and shade to check all your boxes. 

Smashbox Cosmetics introduced the latest addition to the “Be Legendary” Lipstick line as “Be Seen” – a deep red shade that was intentionally created for melanin-rich skin. Although Smashbox has previously received praise for the creamy, peptide-infused formula used in the “Be Legendary” line, when it came to creating the newest shade, the brand teamed up with Estee Lauder’s Network of Black Leaders and Executives (NOBLE) to not only utilize their personal expertise, but to also enhance relationships between employees, consumers, and strategic partners while highlighting the importance of genuine diverse representation both in-front and behind-the-scenes.

Global Pro Lead Artist, Lori Taylor Davis, said in the press release, “This is personal. The fight for inclusion and diversity isn’t just a table topic for me – it’s my reality. I didn’t always have the power growing up, but I’ve always had the guts. “Be Seen” reminds me to take pride in that.”

In addition to partnering up with NOBLE, Smashbox Cosmetics also announced its recent move to support Black Girl Ventures, an organization committed to provide Black and Brown women-identifying entrepreneurs’ access to capital, capacity, and community. Smashbox Cosmetics will work with BGV throughout 2022 by sharing its platform with other beauty founders, providing mentorship and donating monetary funds.

While Smashbox Cosmetics continues to do the work to ensure no one is left out of the conversation, this new shade is bound to make you feel seen. “Be Seen” will be available for purchase exclusively on on July 29th for $24.


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